Fingers of Suspicion

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Usage for hash tag: BuiltDifferent

  1. Claws

    Mafia 9: Sega vs Nintendo - The Race for the Next Generation

    The only person who's actively argued for claws is me, so I seriously doubt it's a case of "scum want claws gone" or I think there'd be a lot more people being like "oh well I have no opinion so I guess this argument is good enough" with the added bonus of making me look bad -- which is another reason I think claws is probably scum here. The amount of pushing I've had to do just does not feel like scum are fine with this.
    College Basketball Sport GIF by Kentucky Men’s Basketball. #B[HASH=35]#BuiltDifferent[/HASH][/IMG][IMG alt="Sheep Silence GIF by STUDIOCANAL France
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