Fingers of Suspicion

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Mafia 15 - VK's Revenge

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Dr. Voidiarty
Jan 8, 2023
Providence, RI
Hey folks! It is time for another game. This game will be done in the typical Rajah style with some minor modifications to the writeups. A whole bunch of mechanics and even some after death things. Some quick info is below. I will update this post once we get closer to start time, with the intro, and any specific mechanics needing to be known ahead of time.

The game was originally built back then for 18-21 players. I doubt I will get that based on recent games, but can make something fun work with a decent amount regardless.

Style: Rajah
Day/Night: 48/24
Elimination Type: Modified Majority
Game Type: Role Madness
Post Requirements: No set requirement. I do recommend you post, but I'm not giving you a pre-defined number ;). I will sub out/modkill excessive inactivity with or without warning.


-All players will be given an account that they must use for this game. Identities of players will NOT be revealed until the end of the game. You may not reveal your true identity bluntly nor may you confirm/deny if you are another player. If I see a breadcrumb, I reserve the right to shoot it.
-All standard Mafia rules (no OGI, no editing, no angleshooting, etc)
-Eliminated players will form a Tribal Council and impact the game each day/night. The dead thread will be no spoilers and will be a live game thread. If you wish your identity to be hidden on Discord for this part, please create a new discord account, after you get your hidden account and we can invite it to the server for this game. If you don't care, then I'm fine with dead chat knowing each other's true identities. Remember, this is a live chat so I'd not recommend outing anything you don't want others to potentially know.
-There is NO character claiming allowed. Role claiming MAY be allowed depending on ultimate game makeup. I will adjust this post once I know for sure and the game rules will have this laid out.

If you wish to sign up, please message me on Discord (or answer my PM if I messaged you) or send me a PM on the forum.


Thanks all!


21 players have signed up for the game.
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