Fingers of Suspicion

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Mafia 4 Redux - Fingers of Suspicion Battle Royale

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Dr. Voidiarty
Jan 8, 2023
Providence, RI
Hello everyone! Apologies about the absence and the disappearance for the last game. I am back and ready to get a game going. Please read this thread before signing up. This will be a standard game with write-ups, but some differences.

I am aiming for at least 24 players but we can do it with some less. Balance may vary based on that

The main gimmick of this game is that it will be anonymous along with one mechanic change, otherwise it will be a standard game we all play. Nothing ultimately crazy.

The theme for this game is the Fingers of Suspicion Battle Royale.


  1. All players will be given a created account by me along with credentials for this game. No one will be using their actual account for this game and will instead use these accounts to post instead. Accounts will be given with your rolecard.
  2. Day/Night Phases: Day phases will last 48 hours and Night phases 24 hours. Official deadline will always be at 8:00pm ET, but the actual start/end will depend on action submission.
  3. If the day ends without a majority being reached, modified majority will come into play. If a player has a majority of the votes that have been cast, that player will be eliminated. If a player does not have a majority of votes cast, no elimination will happen.
  4. No role-claiming or breadcrumbing/hinting whatsoever. You all know I will not hesitate to modkill so let's see if I can get through a game without doing that.
  5. Investigative roles will not receive their own results. Instead, along with action submission, they will choose another player to receive their results instead. You cannot choose the same player twice in a row to receive results. If you are subject to this, your rolecard will state it.
  6. No discussing the game outside of the thread or in specified discord channels. Please do not use OGI or angleshooting (such as comparing how rolecards are written or if a player is inactive or not, or if they are in discord and not thread). If you want to use this information to develop your own reads, fine. But please do not bring up things in the thread like this.
  7. Self-targeting is not allowed unless otherwise specified
  8. Votes/Unvotes must be done through the BBCode. You do not have to unvote. I will accept whatever the most recent vote is.

This thread will be locked. Signups must be told to me privately, via PM or a message in discord and I will add you to my list. I will update the below list with a player count periodically.

Confirmed Players: 24 (Updated 5/31 at 4pm ET)

This game will not begin until we have sufficient players and Mazer’s game on Rajah is over.


Good luck!
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