Fingers of Suspicion

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The Backlog


Jan 8, 2023
I think many of us as adults and busy people don't have the time to game like we used to. So I know most of us have a backlog. I recently made a list of the games I want to try and work through this year. So let's post our backlogs.

I'm looking at this as games you own but haven't gotten around to playing/finishing, or games that you have serious plans to purchase. For me:

Ghost of Tsushima
Legend of Legaia

Outer Worlds
Mother 3
Dark Cloud 2
DOOM Eternal
FF7 Remake Hard Mode
Hitman Series
Shadow of the Beast
A Link to the Past
Octopath Traveler
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

1st Time
The Witcher 3
Ni No Kuni II

The italicized games are my main priority at the moment. Went pretty hard at Tsushima last year, but school and other games pushed me away. This is one of my top priorities.And with the Octopath sequel coming out next month, this is another top priority for me. The rest is kind of inconsequential other than just trying to whittle through the pile, and of course I have many more than this, but this is the rough pallette I'm looking at going forward before whatever flights of fancy distract me.
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